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what we offer

State of the Art Underwater Services in Singapore
Our teams are equipped with state of the art equipment we always deploy for any hull cleaning scenario:
Contactless Cleaning Systems to save hull coating or Classical Brush-kart cleaning for big fouling.
Our services are class approved.
Our office keeps in close and prompt contact with you during the entire attendance with updates.
We base the work on returning customers assuring perfect results at site and care for our Clients in all aspects.

We attend more than 300 vessels annually, your situation has no chance to surprise us whatever it is.

Besides diving services, we provide a unique service for in-transit hull cleaning of vertical sides with global coverage.
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Our services are on average at least twice cheaper than conventional hull cleanings around the world

No disruption to vessel's schedule

Effective on any marine growth

Safe antifouling

Who we are

Located in Montenegro in the middle of Europe, we run an ops branch in Singapore as well as offer underwater services around the globe. Our operational capabilities are the result of more than 15 years of R&D and experience in the industry, understanding ROV inspections and hull cleanings for any scenario, including contactless hull cleaning taking utmost care of hull coating.

Additional services

Our inspections and hull cleanings are always accompanied with all the possible ancillary services: propeller polishing, class survey, anodes installation and any other IRM service.

Our capabilities

We provide State of the Art Underwater services in Singapore and worldwide.

Our underwater services are also steadily provided in:
/ Rotterdam and Antwerp areas;
/ Turkish Straits, anchorages and ports.
Send us enquiry with your port of call for confirmation.
We are here 24/7!

Is turbo hull cleaning required in Singapore while bunkering? No problem, we mobilize additional resources to get it done. Enquire TURBO CLEAN option for details.

LiquiBurst ™ technology and equipment

LiquiBurst™ is low-pressure underwater cleaning technology based on total abscence of mechanical impact on the surface. LiquiBurst jet is safe for divers.

Cleaning is carried out by virtue of steam caverns, appearing further to the partial liquid destruction. The water jet, supplied to the device under insignificant pressure is squeezed till the certain degree. Due to this physical process the flow of liquid is transformed into a highly saturated caverns being discharged. These caverns affect only highly poriferous objects (such as any type of fouling) and do not have impact on smother surfaces (such as all types of antifouling or human skin). The caverns simultaneously burst inside the fouling and carefully unhitch it from the surface (from light slime to heavy barnacles). The equipment is applicable for any type of surface (steel, fiberglass and even wood).

Due to total abscence of any mechanical contact or high pressure impact, LiquiBurst can be used on any antifouling coating, without doing harm to it, as frequent as desired.

Equipment embodied on LiquiBurst basis understands:

LiquiBurst jet-kart Tornado™:

cleaning capacity exceeding 3,500 m²/hour;
4WD system;
Flexi-Shape® for work on hull’s curves;

LiquiBurst hand held guns:

Cleaning hardly accessible areas, including sea chests;
Low pressure effect with results same as 1,000 bar HP washers;
Completely safe for divers (cleaning between fingers);

We work with

Contact us to get videos of hull cleanings using LiquiBurst equipment together with example of our reports.
LiquiBurst machines have proven their great efficiency and reliability with more than 20 ships being cleaned every month.

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